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    Personal Assessment - Monitoring Plan

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    Once you have researched different assessment approaches, turn your attention to the activity you adapted in Unit 6. Address the following:

    How would you assess your lesson modifications? What tools could you use to establish whether the students learned what the lesson was intended to teach?
    How would you use individual and group assessment?
    How would you apply assessment in a way appropriate to the development of the children, the goals of the assessments, and the setting?
    The lesson Activity Adaptation is composing two-dimensional shapes or three-dimensional shapes to create and compose new shapes from the composite shape.

    I am not asking for a completed assignment I would just like some help with the 3 questions I posted regarding the activity lesson I already completed on two-dimensional shapes. I will attach a copy of the lesson I already completed.

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    It looks like you have a good base to start from. I assume that you have already taught the lesson and are now looking back on how things went. With that in mind, I look at the questions that you have above. So - what changes would have made to your lesson? Did the students with IEP's do well with just being given extra time? Did the ESL students display their culture through their project? How could the IEP and ESL student been helped more or improved their projects? Having worked with IEP and ESL students, giving them extra time or working by themselves doesn't always allow them to produce the best projects. Consider how to involve what the IEP Students can do well, and engage them that way. Possibly ask the ESL students parents to come in during that part of the class, or have them do a poster or example from ...

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    How do teachers assess how their lessons went is determined. The expert determines what students can do to participate in a more directed way by the teachers.