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    Employee Training Program Project Risk

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    I need to prepare a project risk document for an employee training program that I am developing. The project risk document should have the following elements in the body: Can you please help me with what this may look like.
    - Risk identification.
    - Risk assessment.
    - Risk response planning.
    - Risk monitoring.

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    Project Risk Document
    Risks are events that may occur in any of the organization's systems and can create problems in the proper functioning of the system. Risk management is the process of implementing and maintaining appropriate management controls including policies, procedures and practices to reduce the effects of risk to an acceptable level (Information..., 2002). Managing project risks involve risk identification, risk assessment, examining mitigation and control options and implementing and monitoring systems.
    Risk Identification
    The first step in the process of managing risk is to identify potential risks. Risks are events that can cause programs in an information management system if they occur. Hence risk identification starts with the source of problems. There are various means through which an organization can identify risks. These are source analysis, which identifies internal and external risks and problem analysis which identifies risks related to threats.
    Risk Assessment
    Risk assessment is the next step in risk control which involves analysis of risks. Once risks are identified, they must be assessed on severity and probability of occurrence. The assessment not only identifies risk but also quantifies it. However it is not ...

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    Employee training program project risks are examined.