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    Combating Employee Absenteeism

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    Absenteeism is defined as a tendency to be away from work or school without a good reason: the practice or habit of being absent from work or school (merriam-webster contributors, 2014). One of the most prevalent issues that plaguing my current workplace, is the absence of employees. I work in an office that has military and civilian employees. One of the biggest issues I have is when a civilian that is in charge of signing off on a project I am working on misses several days in a row. The problem with the system that is in place is simply that if the one civilian in charge of your project is missing, no other civilian is willing to sign off on the work. Every project that we work on is time sensitive to certain dollar amounts. When an employee is out of the loop for a few days we run the risk of missing designated completion dates.

    One way that I would combat the issue is giving quarterly training on the importance of employees being accountable. I would also establish a cross training program that would allow civilian employees to be able and confident is signing for another's work when needed and being able to understand what is needed. The program would give a standard format for the required documents needed.

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    Since your company is project based, I suggest that you tie up a portion of the employees' compensation on their performance vis-à-vis a project. For example, an employee is required to sign off on a minimum number of projects in a month. Moreover, for projects that are finished within their time frame, a bonus will be given to the ...

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    A description of one approach to dealing with employee absenteeism. A standard format for required document programs are given.