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    Ethics training plan and monitoring misconduct

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    B. Ethics Training Plan
    Comments on this criterion (optional): The submission provides the standards that employees are expected to follow; however, it does not develop a plan for training employees on these standards.
    C1. Monitoring Misconduct
    Comments on this criterion (optional): The submission discusses reviewing the amount of discipline infractions; however, it does not provide a system for monitoring misconduct
    C2. Auditing Misconduct
    Comments on this criterion (optional): The submission discusses evaluating employees; however, it does not specifically provide a process for auditing misconduct.
    C3. Reporting Misconduct
    Comments on this criterion (optional): The submission encourages employees to report misconduct; however, it does not develop the process that is used to report misconduct.

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    B. The training for the program should be predicated upon ensuring that employees are capable of identifying ethical dimensions within the organization when making decisions.
    The training must give employees means and understanding on how to address ethical issues by providing manuals and other material that can assist in giving employees this capability.
    Training should focus on ensuring that employees are aware that actions committed by them define the company's ethical representation to the public both internally and externally.
    The ...

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