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    E-Business Security and Risk Management

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    Develop an e-business risk management plan for an organization in this industry and explain the key aspects of e-business risk management.

    Identify three performance-monitoring tools for e-business supply chains, and compare and contrast each tool to determine which ones would be best for organizations in this industry.

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    E-Business Security and Risk Management:

    Home Depot home improvement industry is an organization that deals with the development of buildings and stores structures in the United States economy. The organization specializes in restructuring and renovating buildings according to the specification of the consumer and also the disposable income in the economy. Home Depot home improvement industry has promoted the purchasing of products in the organization and has also intensified competition of services and products like lumber and structural materials, hardware, electrical supplies etc (Home Improvement, 2011).

    E-business risk management plan:

    Executive Summary:

    Risk management is the process by which an organization identifies and analyses the firm's exposure to losses and develops strategies to avoid the impact of these losses. The techniques utilized to reduce the impact of these losses include insuring the organization and the resources exposed to risks, selling part of the organization so as to reduce the impact of risks. The company may also transfer the costs of risks to the cost of the final output such the customers of the organization are faced with impact of costs incurred by the risks involved (Kerzner, 2009).

    Risk Management Strategy:

    Risk Identification: In this stage the Home Depot home improvement industry determines the exposure of the e-business to losses. Some of these risks include physical threats; these are risks ...

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    Using the example of Home Depot, the Solution outlines an example e-business risk management plan and provides three tools for performance-monitoring that a business can use in its supply chain.