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Incident Response Plans

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1. Incident Response Plans
2. Disaster Recover Plans
3. Business Continuity Plans
4. Explain Risk Management with key terms.

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Incident Response Plans
Incident response plan is associated with security related incidents in computing systems and networks. These plans are related to different cases like for IT, human resource, natural disaster etc. Incident may be related to any form like, technical, human and natural. These plans are titled according to the particular incident. It is an organized approach to address and manage the outcome of a security attack (Schultz & Shumway, 2001). The main aim of this is to handle the situation in a better way that limits damages and decreases recovery time and costs. The incident response plan discusses about the process of pass information to appropriate personal, assessment of the incident, minimize damage and response strategy.

It provides a process that should be followed during the incident. Incident response is conducted by incident response team that includes security and general IT staff, representatives of legal, human resources and public relations departments. It is helpful to define the areas and responsibility and establish procedure to manage various security incidents. Incident plan involves a policy (Schultz & Shumway, 2001). For handling effectively an incident, various steps are there such as preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery and lessons learned (SANS, 2011).

In this process, organization firstly teaches users and IT staff to respond quickly and correctly towards computer and network security incidents. After that, team takes actions to decide the fact of security incident. The team checks security problem and takes actions to prevent further damages and discover the cause of the problem (SANS, 2011). After the identification of root cause, all viruses and malicious codes are removed. With the help of clean backup files, data and software are restored and team learns a lesson for handling ...

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The solution discusses incident response plans.

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Incident Response Plan for a Hotel Fire Incident

Scenario: Fire
To come out with a Incident Response Plan for a high-rise prominent Hotel that mitigates a fire incident. Whether the fire is minor or major, the plan must be carried out. Should the plan manage to contain the situation, then there is no need to proceed to disaster recovery.

The entire plan should have the following parts (All description can be in bulets-format):

(1) Incident planning - Predefine a fire incident, what is expected to happened? (*Note: this fire is a planned incident, not yet happened)

(2) Incident detection - How to detect the fire? Who detected it? What are the indicators

(3) Incident reaction - Provide detailed steps to react to the fire incident. What are the tasks, who to notify?

(4) Incident recovery - Assuming the fire is not classified as a disaster and can be contained, provide steps to attempt recovery, how to prevent same thing from happening?

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