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    Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) Planning

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    Ever since 9/11 the federal government has stressed the need to plan for a terrorist incident involving a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). The key consequence regarding management planning issues for a WMD incident are medical and public health.

    The four major components for a response to a WMD incident are threat assessment; emergency consultation; specialized technical assistance, and additional assets as needed from the federal and private sector. Response plans should address these components. Health response requires cooperation with all state and local health agencies including private health care providers.

    1. Is the health component adequately addressed in the planning for a WMD incident?
    2.Do you believe that States and local governments, including local health care facilities, will receive sufficient funding to adequately plan and prepare for such an incident?

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    1. Is the health component adequately addressed in the planning for a WMD incident?

    The National Health Professions Preparedness Consortium (NHPPC) was "formed to facilitate the development of long-term, focused, threat responsive national capability (NHPPC, 2014). This group helps to provide training and leadership development to help medical, public health and emergency services. This is a good step but there is not a particular focus on the health component. The Rand Organization (2014) suggests that local public agencies and our nation's hospitals are not prepared to deal with an incident. Another concern is whether the public health and medical communities "are well integrated with the preparedness activities of other emergency responders to address bioterrorism (Davis & Blanchard, 2014). In a small pox simulation held at Andrews Air Force Base, it was shown the severity of this problem when 15,000 were infected and the virus spread to 25 states (Davis & Blanchard, 2014). In a study, the Rand Organization determined that ...

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    This solution addresses if the health component is sufficiently addressed in the public health planning in the event of a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) incident. It also discusses if states and local health agencies have sufficient funding to make plans for these type of incidences. Includes APA formatted references.