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    Michigan Emergency Management Plan

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    A Terrorist Attack

    After the attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, emergency management officials were heavily criticized for their lack of terrorism disaster preparedness, including the poor communication capabilities between fire and police services. To read more about it, refer to the link Journal of Homeland Security provided in the Webliography.

    Assess the emergency management plan of Michigan as it relates to a terrorist attack. Examine the plan closely as it relates to the disciplines of emergency management, and make recommendations for improvement. If Michigan does not have a plan for a terrorist attack, create one which addresses these issues.

    Use references cite sources

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    Michigan Emergency Management Plan

    Michigan, like all states across the US have established an emergency management plan (MEMP) to respond to a multitude of emergencies and challenges that put the state and its people at risk. This plan is in coordination with the DHS which is represented at state level by the Homeland Security Division which is under the Michigan State Police. This is best explained by an announcement (MIchigan.gov, 2014) as follows, "The Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) has completed its latest revision of MSP/EMHSD Publication 101, "Michigan Emergency Management Plan. The plan has been formally endorsed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on April 17, 2014." It essentially has 6 parts and available in PDF form from the state website using this link - http://www.michigan.gov/emhsd

    The MEMP touches on terrorism in a section called 'Weapons of Mass Destruction Attacks' and specifically points to (MEMP, 2014) to the, "Joint Operations Center (JOC) - federally-selected / managed facility with state representation activated for weapon of mass ...

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