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    Emergency Plan Weaknesses Sample

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    From the Student -

    Ma'am: I selected your recommendation for using UCI for their Emergency Plan in a previous posting. My professor liked the selection and I spent a lot time identifying its strengths and how it fit in with the NRP and used the elements of the NIMS. I reviewed their mission, scope of operations, objectives and organizational management. I am looking for some assistance in looking for the weaknesses in the plan and possible solutions to those weaknesses though. It seems to cover everything, but not in any real detail or precision. looking for some direction for this plan .

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    Dear Student,

    Hello and I am quite glad that your UCI paper got the nod from your professor. The university is a very familiar environment to students and academics and it is a small community/ social unit on its own that requires a disaster management plan or emergency management plan as part of its security procedures. Also, you are quite right. I have reviewed the Emergency management plan for UCI once again and I believe that the authors have thought about this well; they seem to cover all the necessary areas. I do not see much weakness in the structure of the plan - it covers all areas and is applicable and doable in any given scenario because they are accounted in it. The best angle I can give is to use the position risk management expert Charles Bosler (2010) proposes that controlling risk is about continuous self-assessment. The thing about the UCI Plan is that from Sections I to VIII, everything is accounted for. It is a broad yet comprehensive and detailed plan that looks after the big picture for any possible situation and does not forget the smallest details except at least for one; I have observed that it does not include the principle of ...

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    The solution provides advise in looking for possible weaknesses in an Emergency Plan by looking at the University of California Emergency plan for it's weaknesses to provide an example. References are listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.