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Preventing Issues with Communication and Training Gaps

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In 250 words or more, explain ways to lessen or prevent major errors from occurring within your local emergency response plan. What can be added or done to help prevent issues with communication and training gaps? Please provide references.

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I think that one of the most important ways by which to be able to lessen or prevent major errors from occurring within your local emergency response plan: would be to ensure the plan is based upon a concrete situational analysis as to the most and efficient means by which to carry out the emergency response plan, that the emergency response plan is based upon the focused mission of the organization, that the means of ...

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Public Health Discussion question

All public health professionals must understand their role in the eventuality of a disaster or terrorist attack. This case study will help you understand the process of "preparedness" as it relates to training health professionals to work during these emergencies. This exercise was designed for public health personnel and their local emergency counterparts to gain skills and knowledge in preparing for and responding to a large-scale communicable disease event. Since master's level professionals are usually tasked with employee training, you must begin to understand the methods used in professional training. Therefore, you will: Review Case Study 9 in " Public Health: What It Is and How It Works " by Turnock

1. Recognize the roles of a variety of public officials in a large-scale communicable disease or bioterrorism incident.
2. Identify gaps in local preparedness and ability to coordinate.
3. Recommend improvements to the training of public health professionals.

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