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    Marketing in Health Care

    Health marketing applies traditional marketing principles in order to facilitate illness prevention, health promotion and health protection. The term “social marketing” is more often used in public health. It is also advertises advancements in medicine and health-protecting services such as health insurance.

    A health marketing strategy revolves around the 4 P’s of marketing: 

    • Product: the healthcare service or product that is being advertised. Providers need to think about whether the products meet the needs of the patients.
    • Place: the product must be accessible for all. This includes the location and time of service delivery.
    • Price: products should be offered at the lowest price possible. Providers should consider the financial status of its target population.
    • Promotion: the promotion of the service or product. Promotion may be through mass media, or at the grassroots level. For example, advertisement on the television, or brochures.

    Health marketing draws from fields such as marketing, communication and public health promotion. It involves the creation, communication and delivery of health information and interventions, campaigns, and research projects. 

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