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Communication and Marketing Strategies: Importance Within the Organization

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1. How are the development of a communication strategy and the development of a marketing strategy similar?

2. Why might a customer use physical evidence to form an evaluation? How might a company manage physical evidence?

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1. How the development of a communication strategy and the development of a marketing strategy are similar?

Development of a communication and marketing strategy are similar in regard to both needing to effectively reach and engage consumers as both are integral for building brand awareness and loyalty while attempting to drive sales growth within the organization. These motivate customers to behave in certain ways while identifying the messaging and media platforms that will best deliver on the goals for the ...

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This solution discusses the importance of communication and marketing strategies within the organization.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

The final component of the Strategic Marketing Plan is the Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is the set of decisions about price, communications and promotion, product policy, channels of distribution, and customer relationship management. Only by addressing these elements can you actually implement your marketing strategy. This week you will focus only on communications and promotion, following an integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach. Such an approach delivers a clear and consistent message to your consumers.

1. Provide a detailed description of your IMC approach and the corresponding promotion strategy necessary to send your message to your target market. (For example, the elements of the promotion strategy include: advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing, and sales promotion) and how you would use them to communicate with your target segment.

2. Explain your rationale for choosing these specific elements.

3. Describe the message you wish to communicate based on your core strategy and explain your rationale for the message.

4. Develop a strategy to measure the effectiveness of the IMC.
Has the internet played any role in how you developed your marketing approach? Why or why not?

In-text citations and corresponding references should be included in your paper.

Note: Please do not pull answers from a book or website and not state your citing.
Please translate citings if possible for better understanding. DO NOT PULL ONLY FROM OTHER SOURCE ONLY!

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