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    Michigan, ICS and Michigan's Emergency Plan: How Do They Differ

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    Researched the Michigan emergency management plan.
    Assessed and described whether the plan implements the ICS process. If not, explained how you would incorporate the process into your city if it were facing a natural disaster.
    Described the ICS process thoroughly, including the five major management systems within it, as it relates to the plan.
    Use references cite sources

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    I researched the the Michigan emergency management plan. The plan does not specifically implement the ICS process. This is likely because it is a state plan and not a federal one. The Michigan plan does however work in conjunction with the federal government and its different agencies in conjunction with and outside of its plan (www.michigan.gov/documents/msp/MEMP_portfolio_for_web_383520_7.pdf, and http://www.phe.gov/Preparedness/planning/mscc/handbook/chapter1/Pages/theincidentcommand.aspx).

    If my city was facing a natural disaster, specifically a draught (which was state wide or nearly state wide the following would happen; once the drought was confirmed by the MSP/EMHSD and MDARD with other ...

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    An expert discusses and explains how and if Michigan's Emergency Plan relates to the federal government's Incident Command and further explains how both of these plans would work in the case of a hypothetical drought in a hypothetical Michigan city.