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    WMD - Nuclear Weapons

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    I need to write a short essay on "what you perceive is the most likely, or the greatest WMD threat, to the U.S. Discuss not only what the threat is but why you believe it the most likely threat or the greatest danger." Any help and guidance will be appreciated.

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    The Greatest Threat to US Sovereignty:WMD/Nuclear

    The country faces a lot of threats to it's sovereignty and to the way of life of the American people. The major threats fall under terrorism, espionage, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Serious Crime and Subversion. In the last decade or so, the threat of terrorism and WMD has combined so as to create a security scenario nightmare that after 9-11 was among the major factors that led to the Iraq War and ultimately, the still on going 'Global War on Terror'. Terrorism remains among the many security risks faced by nations worldwide and by countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan more than others due to the presence of terror elements tied to the global effort of terrorism driven by radicalized Islam. One of the scenarios that worry and scare nations is the ability of terror groups to get their hands on WMDs being that such a threat when actioned can lead to the loss of lives so massive it can decimate populations. Consider for example the use of biological and chemical weapons released in an urban population or worse, the use of nuclear devices. WMDs are weapons that can kill a huge percentage of a populace and bring significant damage to other life forms (flora and fauna) as well as damage man-made structures, the natural environment (i.e. mountains, rivers) or to put it in perspective - the biosphere in general. WMDs are classified under the following headings: Biological (also known as germ warfare, it ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of WMDs in relation to US Security threats. WMDs are explained and defined. In particular, the solution singles out nuclear weapons as the greatest WMD threat and provides reasons for this position in the discussion. References are listed for the purpose of exploring the topic further. A version of the solution is also attached.