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Weapons of Mass Destruction & Global Impact

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I'd like to get some outside conversation on the following question.

Why do you think the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction is an important topic and how does it impacts on the global community?

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WMD: A Global Concern

Weapons of Mass Destruction are a global concern for their very nature...their utilization in times of War and by nations and entities to forward their ends result to mass deaths for they are used to target and kill a significant amount of people leading mass tragedies with long term impacts ranging from economic and political to social and psychological. They are materials that can be weaponized causing damage to building structures, natural structures (mountains, forests, etc.) and the biosphere which is the sum of all of earth's ecosystems. WMDs originated as chemical explosives used/distributed via aerial bombing as early as WW1. Over the years via conflicts, wars and innovative technologies of weaponization later, biological, radiological and nuclear WMDs added to weaponized chemicals. In WW2, the Nazis have used chemical weapons resulting to large-scale deaths in Concentration Camps while the Allieds have turned to nuclear bombs in their attempt to overcome the threat of the Axis. Furious research in the US has led to the creation of the Atomic-Bombs that were ...

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