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    Information Security Management - Mitigation Plans for Hotels

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    See attached template.

    Information Security Management - Mitigation plans for Hotels

    Come out with 2 sets of the following:

    1) Incident Response Plan for a specific incident
    2) Disaster Recovery Plan for a specific incident
    3) Business Continuity Plan for a specific incident

    Each type of plan should clearly define:

    - What is the incident involved, details of the incident --> take real-life scenarios if possible, e.g. terrorist bombing, fire, flu pandamic, hurricanes, etc
    - Steps of the plan to mitigate the incident (can be point form)

    The 3 plans may be pointing to the same incident, for example, Hurricane Earl.

    Note: If 3 plans are pointing to same incident, then the details of the incident involve need only provide once.

    Please use the attached template.

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    Plan No 1
    Type of Plan Incident Response Plan
    Type of Incident Terrorist bombing
    Details of Incident Terrorist bombing incidents are aimed at massive destruction of the hotel property by using explosive materials. The bombing would result in a big bang that would sound like a big cracker going on. It is accompanied by fire and smoke which can rapidly spread to larger periphery of the hotel.
    Details of Plan • Provide familiarization with improvised explosive devices and explosive materials typically used in terrorist attacks
    • Provide critical response actions during pre and post detonation operations
    • Address actions that emergency responders can take to prevent and/or deter bombing attacks against targets in their communities
    • Emergency responders to take action in preventing or deterring terrorist bombing
    • Techniques, tactics, and procedures that support an effective and safe response to a terrorist attack.

    Plan No 2
    Type of Plan Disaster Recovery Plan
    Type of Incident Terrorist bombing
    Details of Incident Following the bombing attack the hotel looked like an earthquake or hurricane had struck. Doors were blown off, lights were either down or hanging and there was debris all over. There was shattered glass all over. People were running clueless as to what had happened. Computer at the reception along with other equipments was heavily damaged.
    Details of Plan • The recovery plan had both personnel safety and evacuation. It included recovery from multiple locations.
    • Well trained personnel tried to reach alternate locations for operations
    • Rescued customers and employees were sent to marshalling ...

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