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Global Organizations: Risk Management

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Hello I need help developing a response to the following questions:

1. Discuss the fact that, strategically, American global business organizations must plan to function in areas of the world beset by conflict or instability, or be beaten out by the competition. From the vantage point of a CEO of an American global company that has already decided to participate in nations where conflict is occurring, what risk management posture might you inculcate in your staff as a means to retrieve some ground lost to other competing nations?

2. What are the most significant points with reference to using the global mindset to assist in both risk management and site-selection activities? Justify response.

3. What are the three most important leadership strategies of risk assessment and risk mitigation for an organization that is expanding globally?

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The risk management posture I will indicate in the staff will be that of forward looking. The business will foresee the types of potential crisis and insure against the risks. This attitude will inspire confidence in the employees. The CEO should purchase political risk insurance which will provide coverage for financial losses resulting from actions of host government. The insurance covers physical damage from political violence, business interruption loss of income, sovereign payment default risk, government breach of contract frustration, currency inconvertibility, and expropriation of investments or assets. In addition to insurance coverage the CEO will provide the employees with regular updates about the government travel advisories, get information from employees to gain advice on change of situation, and maintaining up-to-date locations and travel plans for all employees and enabling them to report their status. In nations ...

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