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supply chain management

1. List at least four changes impacting supply chain management.
2. Based on these changes, what recommendations would you make to companies facing global competition?

I need to discuss the above questions. It does not have to be in a essay format or paper. Just detailed answers with sources to support.

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One of the major changes that impact supply chain management is foray into new countries, regions or markets by a company. Such expansion into new territories, especially located across numerous countries, increases the complexity of supply chain operations of an organization. Increasing globalization across the world have forced many global companies to either set up manufacturing base in countries offering comparative advantage, or set up overseas offices to cater to new and emerging markets. The key recommendation to companies facing supply chain challenges due to expansion into new territories is to analyze the existing supply chain set up, overcoming shortcoming and barriers related to scalability of existing set up, such as those related to outdated technology/tools, training of employees, and prepare for such expansion plans well in advance by upgrading technology and utilizing modern web based software tools and technologies. Organizations also need to gear up for such challenges ...

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List at least four changes impacting supply chain management.