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    Analyze the role of e-business in a global supply chain and how it effects Johnson & Johnson.

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    // 'Supply Chain Management' includes functions of collecting raw material, processing it into final product, warehousing, and delivering it to the final customer. With the incoming of 'Internet' and 'E- business'; the face of supply chain too has undergone immense change. In the following paper, we will understand the role of E-business in supply chain management and also take the case of Johnson and Johnson to see the impact practically. //


    Globalization and international competition has made companies reduce their manufacturing cost and increase product quality for maintaining their profitability. For achieving this task organization realize that action taken by one member of the chain can affect the profitability of another member of the chain. Here, the role of 'Supply Chain Management' becomes important. Moreover, Internet has changed the face of supply chain, significantly (Li, 2007).

    // After throwing light on the role played by supply chain in an Organization in our introduction; we now, discuss how the Internet has helped in making various functions of 'Supply Chain Management' more crease free. //

    Role of E- ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 662 words with references.