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Wal-Mart strategic supply chain model Problem

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I have selected Wal-Mart as an organization to do for my paper. I need help with the following:

1- Demonstrate the relationship between supply chain management and e-business.
2- Make recommendations for improvement to the current supply chain, including a strategic supply chain diagram

At least one reference should be used.

Looking for your professional response.


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// Before studying about supply chain management model, we should acquire adequate knowledge about the concerning company .In this part of assignment, we will discuss Wal Mart's introduction and background. After having sufficient knowledge of Wal Mart's background, we will move further.//


Wal Mart is a leading retail chain store in the world. It was established in 1962 by Sam Walton. The company has 7800 stores all over the world and 2 million employees. It serves more than 100 million customers in the world. It is very renowned retail chain of stores in its field. The main objective of the Wal Mart is to serve the customers at lowest price, so that the customers can lead a better life. Wal Mart has got first rank in the list of Fortune 500 Company. The revenue of the company in 2008 was $375 billion. The company uses EDLP (every day low price) approach for attracting the customers (Wal Mart).

//After having enough knowledge, we will now move further. Before writing about supply chain model, it is good for us to know about supply chain management. Here we will discus about relationship between Supply Chain Management and E- Business.//

Relationship between E- business and Supply chain management

Supply chain management chain refers to a process of planning, implementing and monitoring the everyday operations of a supply chain. Supply chain management manages many functions like availability of raw material, conversion in finished goods and distribution of the goods. The main objective of supply chain is to serve a high degree satisfaction to the customers. Supply chain management decisions are taken at three levels that are tactical level, operation ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1035 words with references.