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    A Brief Analysis of the Supply Chain of Wal-Mart

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    I am looking for a brief analysis of Wal-mart and another grocery or retailers SUPPLY CHAIN and any situations it might be facing.


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    The commitment of Wal-Mart is into improvement of operations, low costs and improved customer service. However, its success can be attributed to its ability to drive costs out of its supply chain and manage it efficiently. It is in the leading edge of logistics, distribution, transportation, and technology and its business model can best be described with its advanced technology as it has the largest IT systems of any private company in the world. It has made the most significant investments in supply chain management. Its business model is based on low price strategy and low transportation costs thereby it can sell its products at the lowest possible prices.

    In the early eighties, Wal-Mart has emphasized on the development and implementation of tight supply chain solutions which led them to being the top of the retail channel. Wal-Mart has been known for its legendary supply chain technology as it is able to replenish items on the self in less than three days and so amazing to know that it is from the manufacturer to the shelf and not from the central warehouse to the shelf. Wal-Mart had been able to maintain lower levels of inventory yet it can still meet customer demand. What happens is that these lower inventory levels result ...

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    The solution analyzes briefly the supply chain and other situations that Wal-Mart might be facing. References included.