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    Macro-processes of Global Supply Chain

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    Please provide an example of an assessment of the macro-processes that make up an organization's global supply chain?

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    Crown Holdings, Inc. is an organization that produces metal packaging products that are used by manufacturing organizations to pack their frozen food, beverages, drinks, health & beauty products and household & industrial products (Crown Holdings, Inc., 2013). Hence, the packing products by Crown are main practices that increase its demands in global markets along with its revenues. It helps the organization to make the availability of packed products in different markets (Crown Holdings, Inc. (2013). Following is the assessment tutorials of some important macro processes that are helpful to understand how these macro-processes make up the global supply chain of Crown in the global market effective:

    Supplier Relationship Management: Supplier relationship management is a valuable term in the supply chain of Crown Holding Inc. Hence, for maintaining it; Crown produces its products according to their needs to fulfill their demands for facilitating effective relationship in the global market with suppliers. For example, it produces metallic cans that could be recycled. It helps Crown to offer a full-bodied package that takes less space rather than other packaging materials (Wisner, et.al, 2008). Hence, it reduces the transportation cost of suppliers along with the distribution because they could also send it with other products to end users. This technique also helps the suppliers to supply the products of other manufacturing organizations without any risk related to damage such as splitting, spilling and breaking at the time of delivery of the product in different markets (Trent & Roberts, ...

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    The macro-processes of global supply chain are discussed.