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Bank Encounters a Security Breach

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Case Study 1 - Public Company Banking Events of a Breach
a. Accessed bank transfer of Sabanes-Oxley - compliant company
b. Accessed systems after IT-vendor assured security
c. Accessed sensitive Human Resource data over supposedly secure IntraNETs
d. Downloaded Credit Union's customer file
e. Filled eCommerce shopping baskets using stolen credentials
f. Found malware on 100% of firm's protected computers.
Assume you have been hired to assess the problems and recommend policies and procedures to put into place so this could not happen again.
a. What is the first task you would do as part of an Incident Response?
b. Create Risk Management Framework that identify and assess risks, define mitigation strategies - this could be a spreadsheet
c. Create a new Security Plan to address the vulnerabilities.

391 words plus risk management assessment table in Excel.

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Public Company Banking Events of a Breach

a. First task as a part of incident response
The first step would be to protect the identity of employees and prevent further online theft.
• To do it the organization would report stolen credentials, bank, credit card data, and any other data to banks, retailers, and online agencies to broadcast the event.
• Apart from online broadcast, the company can also use its personal links with banks to stop any of the transfer that has been placed using the stolen information.
• Stop the network access for a specified time period until it becomes clear that no more intrusion is taking ...

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