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Security Breach at TJX

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1) In your opinion, what decision options does TJX have in the case situation?
2) What criteria is important to making this decision?
3) What implications and consequences do each of the options present?
4) What data, facts or experience can you use to support your suggested options and implications?
5) List 5 of the most important concepts or knowledge that you gained from this case.

The case is "Security Breach at TJX" by R Chandrasekhar.

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The solution uses the "Security Breach at TJX" case to analyse the decision making options available, criteria for the decision as well as related consequences, and provides a recommendation with support for the reason for the decision.

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1) In your opinion, what decision options does TJX have in the case situation?
A. TJX must decide whether or not to resolve all of the security issues which allowed the breaches to occur. These issues include:
a. Encrypting-TJX needs to encrypt the wireless signal within their stores to make it impossible for unauthorized hackers to access data.
b. USB-TJX must disable the USB ports on the store kiosks to prevent hackers from taking control of the kiosks.
c. Purging-TJX must develop and follow a protocol to purge data after it is no longer useful to the company.
d. Audit-TJX should utilize more extensive logs so security auditors can detect and track intrusions more easily.
e. Compliance-TJX must meet the requirements for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, covering encryption, access controls and firewalls.
B. TJX must also determine how to respond to the damage done to customers by the breach in their security. Many of the customers suffered direct financial loss because of TJX lax security. IN the case of the customer who wrote the letter to TJX, her credit card transactions were covered by the credit card company. However, the ATM transactions were not covered by her ...

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