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    1, determine if hacking into a Web site is ever justifiable, applying your theory to a real world case in which someone hacked into a system, including the name of the company and detail.
    2, Create a corporate ethics statement for a computer security firm that would allow or even encourage activities like hacking.
    3, Discuss if it is important for organizations like Gawker Media to be socially responsible.
    4, Based on this incident, determine what factors CEOs should consider when responding to a security breach.
    5, Create an email script to be sent to AT&T customers informing them of the security breach and a plan to resolve the issues.Explain?

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    The question whether hacking is necessary depends on the reason why hacking is done. If hacking is done for malicious purposes then hacking is unnecessary. In today's world many companies face stiff competition in the market some companies may try to get ahead by acquiring competitor's information through hacking. This is unnecessary hacking and it is also unethical because an individual or institution tries to gain access to information that he or she does not authorization or right to access (Runthala, 2010). Some people also hack just because they are able to, this is unnecessary since in my opinion authorization is important.

    Some hacking also involves gaining access to information that can be used in the transfer of money which is a crime and unnecessary. Hacking to gain information about personal data is not called for. If the intention of hacking into a system is malicious then hacking is unnecessary and unauthorized.

    However, there are circumstances when hacking can be allowed. Hacking is necessary when an individual attempts to hack into a system in order to identify deficiencies in the system since can be used to provide information on areas to improve security. An ethical hacker will investigate vulnerabilities within systems and software and will provide feedback to relevant party so that the system's security can be improved. This form of hacking is necessary because it used to improve systems and software security.
    An example of a hacking incident that took place recently is includes hackers getting into a fund and transferring money. This incident involved Ephrata national Bank where hackers accesses the bank's system and transferred $ 100,000 belonging to Lancaster County borough funds. The hackers are believed to be from Russia. Other Midwest banks were also involved (Lello, 2011).

    Another case involves Albert Gonzalez who was charged for hacking into heartland Payment systems and other companies. The defendant together with his cospirators was accused of stealing in excess of 130 million numbers of various credit and debit cards. This breach of security was categorized as a data breach and theft of identity.

    Code of ethics
    The company is ...

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