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    Project-Planning Report

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    Project Planning Report

    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a reflective report of at least 1300 words on Project-Planning.

    You should discuss the difficulties involved in managing a project and explain how planning can help minimize these difficulties. You should also describe and compare the planning tools we have been using such as (concept-mapping , Gantt Charts, MS Project and other planning tools. You should :
    - explain in detail what each of these tools does for you.
    - Describe the stage in the planning process at which each tool would be used and
    - Draw on your recent experience in the entrepreneur project ( I did a social entrepreneur business project in other course and I use these tools to help me to accomplish the project) to illustrate both the difficulties involved in project work and the usefulness (or otherwise) of these planning tools.

    The emphasis in this report will be on how you have applied project planning to your own recent project work and on your correct use of formal referencing, which should include at least 3 separate sources: Journals, books, electronic media ,...etc.

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    This paper describes three tools namely Microsoft Project software, Gantt chart and concept mapping in some detail. It also discusses how these tools help social entrepreneur business project planning at every stage. The paper also gives some limitations of the tools described. This paper helps in understanding how these tools help in the different stages of social enterprise project planning. It gives instances of when these tools were helpful. This paper gives a planner of the use he can make of these valuable tools.
    Three tools, namely Gantt chart, concept mapping and Microsoft Project software have been used in planning a social entrepreneur business project. Each has contributed at different levels of the program. The concept mapping has helped in idea generation and communication, the Gantt chart has visually projected the schedules and the Microsoft Project software has assisted the planning at every stage of the project.
    The first tool used by me is concept mapping. This is a diagram that shows relationships among concepts. The concepts are connected with tagged arrows. There are phases that show the relationship between concepts like "contributes to", "is required by" and "gives rise to" The concept mapping was used in the project during the generation of ideas stage. The concept mapping was used to facilitate brain-storming among the project group. During the conception stage, concept mapping was used repeatedly for summarizing the findings and ascertaining what the important factors were, the relationships among different tasks and the formation of hierarchy from the proceedings of the meeting. During the social entrepreneur business project we were required to gather new knowledge about the markets for social enterprises. Concept mapping helped our team create new knowledge regarding markets. We had to break new ground during market research for social enterprises. Concept mapping was used by our group for designing market research, planning the field work and analysis of data collected. Concept mapping was used several times during our planning phase for communicating complex ideas about the project to the team members. We realized that concept mapping and showing it in a slide presentation was a powerful communication tool. The tool became so popular among the team members that it was also incorporated into communicating ideas to social entrepreneurs in a detailed manner. Concept mapping was used as a means to communicate difficult managerial concepts to social entrepreneurs so that they will feel empowered and take up During the planning stage of our social ...

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