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Lack of Strategic Approach

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Prepare a journal as below:

3 questions:

1. Write a report about how misunderstanding the steps and lack of a strategic approach can cause of organizational failure.

2. Write a report about project manager how to find adequate resources, and recognize what to expect at every turn.

3. Write a report about project manager's intern responsibilities.

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The solution discusses a lack of strategic approach and the project manager's intern responsibilities.

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Causes of Organizational Failure

Causes of Organizational Failure
The misunderstanding and lack of strategic planning approach within the organization can cause failure of business or organizations, because of many reasons. Misunderstanding can cause expensive mistake and business failure within the organization. For instance, the new product launch can fail due to the misunderstanding of roles and responsibilities among the project team members that affect the business of the organization (Pizam, 2005). Misunderstandings create many problems within the organization such as ...

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