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    Security as a Business Issue

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    "Security is not simply a technology issue; it is also a business issue." Discuss the implications of this statement. How can security risk affect a company's position and reputation? Use specific examples of how a security breach damaged a company to justify your conclusions.

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    According to Eddy (2013) cyber-security is a serious threat to data and business continuity.

    Security threats can damage business reputation.
    Securing the intellectual property of companies will mean a secure future for that company. Imagine a secret formula of Pepsi and Coca Cola being stolen and posted online. The implication is that this will compromise the future sales of these soft drink companies because people will discover how unhealthy their products are given the specific ingredients that they put into the production of their products. Other companies can replicate their products in their own area with some formula variation. This will flood the market with soft drink products. This will dampen their sales and will definitely damage their reputation.

    Sophisticated hacking attacks, also a ...

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    This is a short discourse on the recognizing that security is not just a technology issue but also a major business issue.