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    Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Information Security

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    Artificial Intelligence in Business

    Do you think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientists will ever be able to design systems that apply common sense in business problem solving? Why?

    Information Security Risks

    Information is the most valuable and yet the most vulnerable entity in today's information-driven society. There are many ways in which this entity could be under risks of theft, misuse, manipulation, etc.

    Explain how this is possible. In addition, discuss how such risks are not just a technology issue, but a business issue as well?

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    In my opinion, computers will never be able to fully apply common sense in business problem solving. I base this on the fact that in determining business decision much is based on human feeling and issues and perceptions of what is ongoing in the world and hence the marketplace. I do think however, that scientist will be able to come close to making a computer that thinks like humans, however the difference will be that human feeling dictate our actions and thoughts which computers will never be able to fully comprehend or conceptualize.

    As the old saying ...

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    This response defines the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and outlines several information security risks that come with the use of technology.