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Prevention of Breach of Organizational Information

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•Select any three of the following security threats described in the textbook (human error, damage by employees, misuse of computer systems, theft, computer-based fraud, viruses, hackers, and natural disasters) and recommend a control for each threat that can be put into place to mitigate the breach of organizational information. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your response. Rank the threats in order of risk and then justify your ranking.

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As a suggestion, you can rank the three threats as 1.) Hackers, 2.) Computer-based fraud and 3.) Human error.
Hacking is ranked first because it is considered as a silent theft and it can only be discovered after the damage is done. Perpetrators can do it within outside the vicinity of the establishment where the information is located. Computer-based fraud is ranked second because this can only possibly done with somebody within the organization and with access to the organization's information system. Human error is the least of them since it is not deliberately done.

Preventing Hacking:
Primarily, do not allow unauthorized person from accessing your computer system.
Hacking can be prevented by improving computer security. ...

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Protecting organizational information is vital in every organization. Preventing information breach can save the organization's resources and prestige.