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Organizational Structure of a Hypothetical Agency

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Design a hypothetical agency to meet a range of community needs including Sex Education and HIV/AIDS prevention and suicide prevention for young people. Design an organizational structure to make the agency operational by answering the following questions:

1-How should the organization's work be departmentalized?

2-How should work be divided among departments and individuals? Draw an organizational chart that you would use to describe the agency's design.

3-How would you make sure that the work of various individuals and groups was effectively coordinated?

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Organizational structures of a hypothetical agency is examined.

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Organization Structure of a Hypothetical Agency

Here in this paper, we will design a hypothetical agency for meeting with the range of community needs that includes Sex Education and HIV/AIDS prevention and suicide prevention for young people. For including all these aspects of community needs the agency need to determine on an organizational structure that best fulfils with its needs. As we discussed the needs of the community are numerous and for fulfilling all these demands, the agency need to design on organization structure, which can assist the agency in complying with community needs.
Organizational Structure for Hypothetical Agency
In this kind of situation of the agency, the most prominent organizational structure will be divisional structure, ...

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