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Business Communications: SEC risk management practices

Select a business case that involves your selected agency. Assess the business communications risk management practices of the case.

The selected organization is The SEC.

Provide references. This is not a paper; it's just asnwering a question on the selected business case and organization.

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Business Communications Risk Management Practices in SEC

Business communication and risk management practices are a complicated phenomenon for organizations. SEC can be expanded as the U.S.' Security and Exchange Commission, which is a government agency that work on independent level. The main concern of this agency is to hold basic responsibilities to implement laws and regulations regarding federal security, nation's stock and other electronic security markets (Hilliam, 2009).

In SEC, the management has already implemented various business communications and risk management practices. In order to monitor and control the risk in both internal as well as external business environment, SEC has already proposed some rules and guidelines that would be followed by the companies before in the boards (Coccia, 2009). In the business communications during the risk period the main problem of the Board is to ...

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Business communications for SEC risk management practices are examined.