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    CEO minimizing unethical business and marketing practices

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    With the memory of the many companies showing poor judgment and poor ethics, such as B&P, Toyota, Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen, and others fresh in your mind, you have been asked to advise your company's CEO on to how to minimize the risk of a similar event occurring at your company.

    What recommendations would you make to your CEO that would minimize unethical business and marketing practices by your employees, such as those alleged to have occurred at these and other companies?

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    The first way is to maintain open communications with employees at all times. Communications can indicate many things. Having open dialogs with people reveals your interest in them, which helps them to feel confident in their position and helps you evaluate their needs and concerns. Also, one should listen to the company grapevine. This informal communication is contains the most discussed information. Listening and participating in the grapevine can gain valuable information and it can also be a way to prevent rumors from spreading that contain inaccurate ...

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    How a CEO would minimize unethical business and marketing practices are examined.