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    The Price of Unethical Behavior

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    Your expertise would be appreciate on how to setup the following " Main task: Evaluate the price of unethical Behavior" paper in which you evaluate the Tyco international case study provided in Kaplan(2009) and Stephen et al(2009) address
    the following : 1) Briefly summarize the historical scenario surrounding Tyco international, 2) How do you think the spending and the loans were able to go on for
    so long?, 3) Evaluate the outcome of event., 4) Was the punishment justified? Why or Why not?, 5) Is it difficult for us to see ethical breaches we ourselves commit?
    support the paper with minimum of five(5) scholarly resources in addition to required reading; addition to other appropriate scholarly resource, or older articles you may include. Length 5-6pages not including title and reference pages

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    1) Briefly summarize the historical scenario surrounding Tyco international

    The main issue at Tyco is unethical behavior in business decisions favoring a few rather than the overall company's organization vision and mission. Basically, the Tyco International organization entailed several acquisition mergers from ADT to Raychem for strengthen the overall business portfolio. In the competitive marketplace, the footprint is more impressive with many entities reporting to the parent company, as in, Tyco International. However, the CEO leadership resulted in questionable and unethical behavior that today reflects lack of empathy in the procedural and protocol effort to ensure proper business dealings;

    a) Financial reporting (try and connect the CEO, Dennis Kozlowski from 1992 onward to 2003 that demonstrated leadership decisions reflecting unethical and conflict of interests by hiring certain friends on the board of directors and misrepresentations on accounting practices of data)

    b) The selling or splitting of stock (try and associate the accounting habit where one line item entailed irregular financial transactions that lead to indicate the CEO and some board members miss-using Tyco's funds for personal use)

    c) Conflict of interests ( try and identify how the conflict of hiring or selecting certain individuals that where personal aspirations outweighs the professional aspect in making ethical choices, thus, the prevention in not applying the corporate governance and social responsibility)

    Keep in mind, the summary of Tyco International is in the leadership behavior that automatically sets the tone of organizational behavior, thus, the selection of board members the CEO, Kozlowski utilizes to carry out and continue the type of unethical behavior throughout the organization.

    2) How do you think the spending and the loans were able to go on for so long?

    Try and think of ...

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    The review into the consequence of unethical behavior from management position of authority.