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    Supplier Relationships & Unethical Behavior: long term relationships

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    1) Why would an organization be interested in developing longer-term relationships with selected suppliers? Why would a supplier be interested? What sort of activities can you conduct or encourage to foster long-term relationships? How can an organization further develop its suppliers?

    2) What are the risks associated with unethical behavior? Is it possible for an action to be legal but unethical?

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    Supplier Relationships & Unethical Behavior

    Answer 1
    Strong and long term relationship of the organizations with its customer as well as supplier is the key success factors. Effective relationship with the suppliers leads the success in the organization and also creates a competitive advantage for the company. In the business environment, companies make purchases at a large level. It is essential for the companies to make strong bridges with their vendors to reduce the business risks and improve the supply chain management of the company. In this highly competitive environment, in order to reduce the risk of business and enjoy uninterrupted growth, it is essential for the organizations to maintain a long term relationship (English, 2008).

    On the other hand a supplier is also interested to maintain good relationship with them for its future success. Relationship between an organization and supplier is completely different from a simple purchasing. Both the supplier and organization are known about the fact that they deal for the future perspective. Mutual relationship between both leads the path of growth and success. This relationship enhances the profitability and efficiency in business deals, which helps the management to achieve best result. As supplier always finds the opportunities ...

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    Supplier relationships and unethical behavior in long term relationships with selected suppliers are examined. How an organization can further develop its suppliers is determined.