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Principles for Customer - Supplier Relationship for better Quality Management, and Processes based Organization for quality Management

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Write principles for Customer - Supplier Relationship for better Quality Management. Explain the concept of Processes based Organization for quality Management

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Three governing principles describe CSRs under total quality:
? Recognition of the strategic importance of customers and suppliers,
? Development of win-win relationships between customers and suppliers, and
? Establishing relationships based on trust.

Customers must be at the center of the organizational universe. Satisfying their needs leads to repeat business and positive referrals. Suppliers must also be considered crucial to organizational success, because they make it possible to create customer satisfaction. Neither the quality nor the cost or the organization's products can be brought to competitive levels and continuously improved without the contributions of suppliers.

The second principle of customer-supplier relationships is the need to develop mutually beneficial (often called win-win) relationship between customers and suppliers. The goal of building partnerships with customers and suppliers can be seen as an extension of the teamwork principle that applies to all TQ activities and as recognition that the needs of ...

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The solution describes and explains the three governing principles of customer supplier relationships (CSR) as part of total quality. The 625 word solution provides a comprehensive discussion of each of the three principles including comments on the process view of organizations.