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    Ethical relationships with clients, suppliers, influential parties and coworkers

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    I am suppose to research ethical relationships with clients, suppliers, influential parties, coworkers, and other areas of compliance. I am suppose to consider whether there are specific implications for the compliance areas and whether there are any relevant theoretical guidelines and regulatory requirements. Suppose to make a power point presentation.

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    An organization is expected to adhere to highest ethical standards in terms of maintaining relationships with various stakeholders such as clients, suppliers, etc. Organizational employees are expected to adhere to ethical standards and guidelines outlined in the company policies with their coworkers, customers and other stakeholders.

    There are numerous areas where compliance with ethical standards overlap with regulatory requirements as well. For example, an organization must maintain full transparency, integrity and honesty with clients and deal with them in the most ethical manner. This is not only necessary from ethical perspective, but also from legal perspective. Let's take the example of confidential information provided by ...

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    Ethical relationships with clients, suppliers, influential parties, and coworkers