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Guiding General Principles using Ethical Standards

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GENERAL PRINCIPLES are needed and are adherently important in regards to educational research. In regards to the specific Principle E: Social Responsibility, what are the responsibilities that surround this principle. How would the ethical standards of 1. Scientific, Scholarly, and Professional Standards relate to this principle. In what concept would the ethical standard of:
#2. Competence
#10. Conflicts of Interest and all sub contents of
10.01 Adherence to Professional Standards
10.02 Disclosure
10.03 Avoidance of Personal Gain
10.04 Decision making in the Workplace
10.05 Decision making Outside of the Workplace be described in how these impact methods of collecting data. How would these ethical standards be used in the collection of quantitative and qualitative research data collection and why is it important

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#2. Competence and...
Researchers must ensure that their research, teaching, practices, and service is provided within the boundaries of their competence, which is predicated upon their education, training, and professional acumen. Researchers must ensure that newly conducted research is only undertaken once reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the competence of their work in these new research areas.

#10. Conflicts of Interest and all sub contents of
The highest degree of integrity must be displayed by researchers in their professional work with researchers avoiding conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof. Personal or financial interests that a researcher has will prevent them from performing their research without bias, and therefore, researchers must remain cognizant of situations that will ...

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This solution explores the general principles using ethical standards with explanations on competence, conflicts of interest and sub contents, adherence to professional standards, disclosure, avoidance of personal gain, decision making in the workplace, decisions making outside of the workplace. References are included.

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