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    Unethical Business and Marketing Practices

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    With the memory of the many companies showing poor judgment and poor ethics, such as B&P, Toyota, Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen, and others fresh in your mind, you have been asked to advise your company's CEO on to how to minimize the risk of a similar event occurring at your company.

    Specifically, what recommendations would you make to your CEO that would minimize unethical business and marketing practices by your employees, such as those alleged to have occurred at these and other companies.

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    Unethical business practices can severely damage the reputation of a company and damage an organization's bottom-line. Companies such as BP, Toyota, Enron, Worldcom, Kraft, Nike, & Walmart, have all felt the pressures of public scrutiny do to questionable ethical behavior. Companies must take steps to identify areas that pose possible risks to the integrity of the company. Below are my recommendations for minimizing unethical business and marketing practices by employees:

    Identify target audience's vulnerbilities: Marketing departments today are pressured ...

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