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Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluating, and Adjusting

Discuss the role of monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting in the strategic planning process;

Discuss some specific steps that can be used to accomplish these tasks;

Discuss what the potential issues are if your organization does not do these things;

Identify and discuss how a government healthcare organization accomplishes these tasks.

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Monitoring is the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progresses, whereas evaluation is the comparison of actual project impacts against the set strategic plans. These provide you with an opportunity to measure how well you are doing and see if you are having the impact you had hoped for. This allows for timely interventions and effective adjustments in the strategic planning process. Usually monitoring is continuous, whereas evaluation can be formative or summative. Formative evaluation is the one that takes place while the project is still active and is done with the intention of adjusting the strategic plan. Summative evaluation is the one where a completed project or an organization that is no longer functioning, is assessed for learning purposes.

Monitoring and evaluation involve assessment of three key factors, efficiency, effectiveness and impact. Monitoring involves primarily two steps; compliance monitoring and impact monitoring. It includes establishment of indicators for efficiency, ...

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The implementations, monitoring, evaluating and adjusting is examined.