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    Implementation & Control in Marketing Plan

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    Describe the implementation and control of the marketing plan.
    1) Timeline and milestones
    2) Monitoring process
    3) Review process

    The company that was Chosen is Called Santo Wine and the product that is based on Kalamatas olive cased in Santorini Assyrtico. I'm not sure how to write this in a international marketing plan

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    Implementation & Control in Marketing Plan


    Marketing planning involves the development of a logical process to establish marketing goals and plans to achieve these goals. It involves allocating budgets for the different marketing activities and evaluating the target market segments. Santo Wine deals with the products based on Kalamatas olive cased. Santo Wine is established at Santorini which is a circular island, 200 km away from Greece mainland. The product is based on the Assyrtiko which is a Greek wine grape. The marketing plan for the product is created which needs to be implemented and controlled in order to the successful completion of the plan.

    Implementation and control of marketing plan

    A firm needs commitment, leadership and superior managerial skills to implement a strategy. Strategies are transformed into actions which are to be performed. The strategy has to be clearly communicated to all the employees and their responsibilities and duties should be clearly defined. Strategic inertia could be one of the reasons due to which the implementation process is not even started. Without proper evaluation, the management can not take corrective steps for deviations (Write a Marketing Plan, 2008).

    The monitoring and controlling are demanded for the execution of the strategies. The top executives and managers are responsible for the successful implementation and control. An effective feedback mechanism about the market situation has to be obtained on a periodic basis. New strategies should be formulated to control the process. The management has to be very cautious about the changes taking place in the environment and adapt to such changes accordingly.

    Timelines and milestones

    There are certain organizational activities that have to be performed if any strategy has to be effectively implemented. Timelines and Milestones ...

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