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    Sour Apple Oreo

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    I am developing a marketing plan for a new flavor of Oreo cookie (for example, sour apple Oreo). I need help with research and information in some areas as follows:

    1. Controls: 1-1 1/2 pages double spaced

    2. Advertising: 1 page double spaced

    3. Marketing Implementation: 1 page double spaced

    Please provide scholarly references and in text citations.

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    1. The marketing plan will be for a sour apple Oreo. Controls are required on the marketing plan to ensure that each task is completed on time and within the allocated budget (1). Control also helps convey to the responsible person any variance in the implementation of the marketing plan. When implementing the marketing plan for sour apple Oreo the focus will be on customer feedback. The customer feedback will be obtained through a survey, online poll, and a focus group. The customer feedback will give information about how the customers feel about sour apple Oreo. if the customer feedback is in accordance with expectations, the marketing of sour apple Oreo can continue, else corrective measures such as changes in flavor, taste, and crispness have to be made. These have to be pilot tested again before the launch of sour apple Oreo continues. Another important control is the target sales both in terms of volume and revenue. In the marketing plan there are sales targets for every month. if the actual sales equal to the targets or exceeds them, the marketing of sour apple Oreo can continue. If the sales volumes or revenues of sour apple Oreo in any month are lower than the target, the reasons for the lower sales have to be ascertained and action has to be taken to bring the sales upto the mark. An example of corrective action can be increasing the number ...

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