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    Oreo Cookies: From Chicago To Mexico

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    This is not a request for a written paper, but points in which to expound on.

    The pros and cons of moving this iconic cookie to Mexico.

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    The pros and cons of moving the iconic cookie to Mexico:
    Background: Nabisco has decided it will not make a $130 upgrade to its facility in Chicago and instead it has announced that it will move half of the 1,200 jobs at Nabisco Chicago to new production lines in Salinas Mexico in 2016..
    The cons:
    The poor publicity Oreo cookies brand has earned in the United States.
    There is a perception that Nabisco has been enriched because of US market and it is backstabbing Americans by moving 600 jobs abroad.
    There is a movement on to boycott Oreo in the United States. There is also a movement to boycott Nabisco.
    Mondelez the parent company of Nabisco makes enough money to keep the jobs in the United States.
    The decision to shift jobs to Mexico is perceived as arrogant, lawless, self-serving, and anti-democratic.
    The company has been positioned as inhuman. It has asked the 600 workers to pay the company $46 million that it will save annually if they want to keep their jobs.
    Political persons such as Clinton, Sanders, and Trump have each criticized the moving of 600 jobs from the USA to Mexico.
    Nabisco has added four new lines in Mexico but it is difficult to ...

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