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Marketing Plan: sour apple Oreo

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I need to develop a marketing plan for a new flavor of Oreo cookie (for example, sour apple Oreo). I need help with research and information in some areas as follows:

Market Size & Growth:

What is the size of the cookie market in the US (in billions). Is it growing, declining, flat? By how much? If declining, where is the business going? Looking for more data in this section. Stick to the US.

Need Analysis:

This product is an indulgent snack/treat. Start from that point and help me . FYI gluten-free is already starting to show the signs of a fad. The number of people that actually suffer from celiac disease and need to avoid gluten is very small.

Pricing strategy:

provide scholarly references and in text citations.

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Market Size & Growth:
According to the Annual Survey of Manufacturers which is published by the US Census Bureau, a product shipment of cookies and wafers was 6 billion US dollars in the US in 2011. This represents the size of the cookie market in the US. The cookie market in the US is expected to grow but at a diminishing rate of 0.74% in terms of revenue and 0.47% in terms of volume during 2014-2019. It is forecast that by 2019 the cookie market is expected to reach 2500 million pounds by 2019. Market size refers to the measurement of the total volume of a given market(1).
The business is not declining but is growing at a slower rate. The key reason is that there are concerns over obesity, and poor diet. The business is going towards healthier ...

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