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    Apple iPhone & Pricing

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    I need help with these two questions. What price adaptations should Apple iPhone include in its marketing plan? Be specific. Also, can you describe and discuss any changes I would make in the pricing of Apple's iPhone. Be specific and provide examples.

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    Apple should raise the price of its cheapest phones, protecting its' price image and margin. To go any cheaper is dangerous- currently Apple offers a $99.00 model (5c) and a $199 (5s) model. Google's Moto X is $350 and the Android Nexus 5 is $349. There are definitely cheaper options available- Verizon and Cricket for instance both offer phones, but none of these are known for being trendsetters in design and applications. Apple should set ...

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    This solution addresses the price adaptations Apple iPhone include in its marketing plan. Includes APA formatted references.