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Sales Plan for Apple iPhone CEO

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You are the vice president of sales for the company of the Apple iPhone. You have been asked to prepare a sales plan for the CEO.

? Selected product or service is Apple iPhone

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The expert examines Apple iPhone sales plan for products.

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Running Head: SALES PLAN

Sales Plan for Apple iPhone

Product Life Cycle
Apple iPhone is in the growth stage of product life cycle. This stage needs some effective strategies to maintain the growth or sale of the product (Apple iPhone, 2010). A sales plan will be developed for Apple iPhone to maintain its growth.
Sales Objectives
For the sales plan of Apple iPhone, sales objectives are as follows:
• To increase sales up to 30%
• To enhance revenue up to 25%
• To increase the sales of the product
Target Demographic
Apple iPhone is a striking product that covers various catchy and additional features that are attractive enough to entice the attention of youngsters. For this sales plan, mainly three ...

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