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Functions of Leadership and Leadership Style

Why is CEO Steve Jobs considered to be a (the) best leader of 2005? Using what you have learned in this module on the functions of leadership, define Job?s leadership style and analyze how he fulfills the functions of leadership?

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A leader fulfils many functions. These include the executive, planning, policy making, providing expertise, representing the external group, controlling internal relationships, being the source of rewards and punishment, arbitrating and mediating, being an example to emulate, being a symbol of the group, substituting for individual responsibility, being the Ideologist, being the parent figure, and being the scapegoat for when things go wrong for the group. The most important function of a leader however is being an innovative visionary who ...

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This is a short discussion about Steve Jobs and why he is considered to be a (the) best leader of 2005 using the functions of leadership and leadership style.