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Four Management Functions

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Please explain the four leadership functions namely planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Explain why these functions are important. Also explain four leadership styles: paternalistic, autocratic, democratic and laissez faire leadership.

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Management is not an ad-hoc exercise based on intuition. Managers have specific functions that must be undertaken to effectively carry out their roles and steer their firms towards profitability and goal achievement.
Planning entails goal setting and includes the creation of the blueprint or plan to achieve those goals. It is essential that managers create objectives as they serve to focus the efforts of employees, motivate them and provide a standard against which performance can be measured. Plans also serve as a guide to action and assist managers in resource allocation. For instance, if a firm has set an objective of growth, then a budget could be allocated for expansion of the facility.

Organizing can be defined as the synchronization and allocation of the resources necessary for the firm's effective operations. These resources can be financial, human and information resources. Organization also involves defining responsibilities and delegating authority so that the work can be done ...

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This solution provides a concise explanation of the four management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The solution also briefly explains the autocratic, democratic, paternalistic and laissez faire leadership styles.

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