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What are the necessary elements of effective decision-making?

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I am writing a paper on elements of effective decision making. It is 20 pages long. I ask for 2.5 to 3 pages for reference material, original work only.

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To truly make effective business decisions, a manager must focus on the four functions of management, which is planning, control, leading and organization. Each of these factors assist the manager in making the right decision for the business operations.

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The four functions of management are to Plan, Organize, Direct and Control. If one of the functions is overlooked in the management process, the manager cannot be considered a leader and the project, as well as the employees, will falter. Technology can be a manager's best friend. Through technology, today's companies have the world literally at their fingertips. A manager can plan, organize, direct and control all with the click of a mouse. The mouse is the wand that will orchestrate the four functions of management. You must look at control mechanisms as four wheels on a car and the four functions of management as the driver and the four functions of management, Planning, Leading, Organizing and Controlling as the passengers. The car cannot run on a flat tire and cannot be driven without the driver.
Working in any business the presence of the four functions of management are present. Whether a hotel, a supermarket or a car dealership - all of these business have one thing in common; each plans, organizes, directs and controls its operations to maintain a flow of revenue. "Any organization, whether new or old, ...

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