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    Evaluate the organization of a marketing department.

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    Evaluate the organization of a marketing department.

    a. Considerations in Organization Design
    b. Organizational Design Options
    c. Selecting an Organizational Design
    d. Global Dimensions of Organizations

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    I have provided a start to the discussion of marketing organization, about 450 words. The links below provide some additional information on varied organization marketing structures.

    http://www.unf.edu/~gbaker/Man4201/Chapt003a.PDF - pg. 3


    Discussed the matrix and federation structures, which are different from the functional and divisional structures already discussed.

    The organizational structure of a marketing department usually begins at the top, with
    marketing executives, such as a Marketing Vice President, in larger firms. However, smaller firms
    may simply rely on Directors or Marketing Managers. Directors typically are divided by Product
    Marketing and Communications Marketing. However, the two positions, who will both report to the
    marketing executive, must work together closely, to ensure that the marketing communication is ...

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    The expert evaluates the organization of a marketing department. The considerations in organization designs are provided.